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6 Tips for Getting the Best Settlement after a Car Crash in Chicago

After being hurt in a car crash in Chicago, you may be wondering what to do next as you try to recover compensation for your injuries. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind as you are thinking about your claim and how you might maximize your settlement:
Collect the evidence you gathered at the accident scene
Keep track of the photographs you took at the accident scene, the witness statements, police reports and any other evidence about the crash because your attorney will need it as they develop your claim.
The insurance company may hire investigators
If you are filing a claim against an insurance company for an injury after a car accident, the insurance company may hire investigators to surveil near your home and place of work and any public places you might frequent. They will try to catch you doing things that you are not supposed to be able to do given the extent of your reported injuries so be aware and conduct yourself accordingly.
Never give a recorded statement
Do not give the insurance company a recorded statement, and do not discuss your accident with anyone– even a stranger in public.
Seek medical attention right away, and do not miss follow up doctor appointments
Make sure that you go to the emergency room if necessary for treatment for your injury. Otherwise, see your regular doctor, follow their recommended course of treatment and attend every appointment to treat your injuries. Your medical records are one of the most critical aspects of your injury case.
Keep track of your physical symptoms, how your injury limits your physical activities and the medicines you take for your injury
If your injury limits your range of motion, if your symptoms keep you from being able to work or perform any of your usual physical activities, keep track of these things and report them to your doctor so that they can be included in your medical records.
Hire the right injury attorney